Plan Your Hike

Your Long Trail Day Hike

Whether you are planning a one minute, one hour or one day hike, the Green Mountain Club has you covered. Visit our website or visitor center on Route 100 in Waterbury Center for hiking recommendations and the information you need to plan your Long Trail Day hike. 


Planning to hike with a group of friends or family?  Wonderful!  We hope you enjoy your time in the outdoors together.  Please be aware that hiking groups have an increased impact on the land and on other hikers’ backcountry experience. In order to lessen these impacts, please follow these guidelines:

  • Day hike group size should be limited to 20 people, unless traveling to an alpine summit or designated wilderness area.
  • For alpine summits and designated wilderness areas, please limit day hike group size to 10 people.
  • Always follow Leave No Trace principles.

Looking for a group to hike with?  GMC is not organizing groups but you are welcome to join our Facebook group after you register and look for other folks to hike with there.



Don't have a Long Trail map?  Don't worry!  Every registered participant will receive a link to download digital Long Trail map. 

You may also be interested in purchasing the classic Long Trail Guide or paper Long Trail map for even more information on the trail.